Ladies of Prom age…it’s your turn.  If you took a moment to read my post on Prom aimed to the Boy-Men, you will see that there are some cross-over points for you to ponder.   Even in this day and age of increased gender equality, the guys may assume most of the financial burdens.  Yea.  Sometimes it’s just really great to be female.  There are some caveats to this however.

I’m not going to bore you with another tragic prom story from my past.  Take a look at the last post and you will have enough fodder to keep you for a long time.  In fact, my pictures may give you the confidence you might be lacking.  I will support you completely if you (silently and not publicly) laugh.

Read the prom posting for guys as a prerequisite to this.  Much of the information applies to you to also.

So ladies, this one’s for you.  My heart is with you.  Who knows?  You might see me at your prom since I’ve publicly stated that I want a do-over.

The Invitation:  Traditional lore-of-old (pre-1975) stated that the guy always asked the girl.  As a gal who’s teenage years were locked into the “70’s, that is mostly bunk.  Even then there were occasions when she asked he.      These were the exceptions  saved when true love bloomed at the beginning of the school year and continued until the following June when the school year ended.  Rare were such beautiful unions.  In these cases  it was, and still is,  perfectly acceptable to ask your beau for his arm to the prom.  For those of us not blessed with a long term romance in high school, you may need to wait for him to ask you.   This may force you to roll the dice and hold your breath.  What if  “HE” waits too long to ask and someone else asked first?  What if “HE” does not ask at all? Keep a hankie handy…these are probable scenarios.

You can be coy and drop the hint when the situation is appropriate.  Lunch time over corn dogs is the perfect time to drop a hint.   If “HE” does not bite or take the bait, you are either forced to wait and become available to someone else or you can do the asking.   If you happen to be the apple of someone else’s eye and he asks you before “HE” does…you’ve now found yourself  in an apple-pickle.

How to say “No“:  This may be the hardest advice to implement.  It will certainly be the hardest to receive.  Above all else, remember you could be the apple of his eye from afar.  It takes a steely nerve to approach you with the risk of pain.  If you find that you are really not interested in his offer, be polite, smile (with sincerity) and make it quick.  Don’t make silly excuses – tell him you appreciate the offer but your feelings are not the same as his. Maintain eye contact and be calm.  DO NOT tell him you want to stay friends if you have no intention of being friendly.

Consider going alone or with a group:  Yes, you can have fun without “HIM”!

Cost:  While most of the cost may fall to “HIM”,  you  will have to find….The Dress!   Not just any dress…THE DRESS.  While none of what I’m about to tell you will matter in the least, I’m going to say it anyway.  You will never, ever, ever wear it again.  Your mother may cut it up into a quilt for your hope chest but you won’t be wearing it again.  Trust me. Take that consideration with you to the mall when your eyes fill with tears once you see the price tags.   I’m not suggesting you wear your mother’s prom dress.  Although…did you see the fancy frocks I was wearing in my pictures for the prom for boys posting? Unfortunately, they’ve been donated to a country where they don’t have any dresses.  You can be gorgeous without having to fork over the cash equivalent of an Badgley Mischka.  Getting creative does not mean you will not be beautiful. It means you are beautifully smart!

Boutonniere:  The man flower. Buy one but keep it simple and elegant.  This usually means less expensive to.

The Evening:  He’s picked you up, told you that you are beautiful (he better have) and you are at the prom!  As a special Girl-Woman, here are some suggestions for you to keep in your chastity belt.

Have fun BUT…

  • Don’t get too dreamy:  Having over-inflated expectations could lead to disappointment.
  •  There can be a lot of pressure to drink, drug  and/or have sex.  Keep your beautiful head  straight. Be a peer leader; be noble.  Noblewomen!  Who doesn’t  like a royal title?

I lied.  I have one more prom story.

Half of prom #2 was spent in a lavish and beautiful country club bathroom.  In addition to admiring the expert marble tile work, I was kindly holding back the french chignon of my best girlfriend as she spewed into the toilet then into unconsciousness. You cannot possibly imagine what it feels like to ride in an ambulance and subsequently explain to her parents the amount of alcohol she consumed on your prom night. This was even worse than not dancing. Be a noblewomen!