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The Takers

Posted on November 18, 2012

Perhaps the single most unattractive person in the world is one whose attitude and actions demonstrate a false sense of entitlement.  Unattractive because the accompanying behaviors of entitlement are always rude.  This person acts as though their needs and wants supersede all others.  They believe they have a right to demand.  They are owed.  They are not appreciative.  They are rarely happy and always selfish.  They are “Takers”. We all know someone.  They can be neighbors, relatives, acquaintances, strangers or co-workers. It is the brother who borrows money from you, fails to pay you back then gets irritated with you when you inquire. It is the woman in the restaurant who berates the waitress for not taking her order quick enough. It’s the party…

Me Time… at the Spa

Posted on November 12, 2012

“Taking joy in living is a women’s best cosmetic.”                                                                                          Rosalind Russell While Rosalind’s words ring true, a trip to the spa doesn’t hurt either.  There is nothing like a warm robe and blackhead free face to perk me up.  A trip to the spa is self-indulgence at it’s best.  Being a thrifty and (usually) practical girl, dropping a couple hundred bucks for an hour or two of pampering can feel irresponsible.  What’s ironic is that it feels irresponsible only upon arrival.  Upon my light-headed exit I am convinced that the ritual is a practical necessity and will become weekly rather than bi-annual. Whether once a year or once a week, if you are headed towards self-indulgent luxury, keep these etiquette rules in mind:…