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A Request for the Secret Formula

Posted on June 25, 2013

My husband’s Grandmother could create magical butterhorn crescent rolls from scratch.  They were buttery, flaky little treasures that would flush the cheeks of Betty Crocker.  After years of enjoying these tasty treats on holidays and special occasions, I summoned up the courage and made the request for her recipe.  She humbly complied with my request and carefully scripted the top-secret formula on a 3 x 5 index card.  I excitedly returned to my kitchen where I spent the next 2 weeks painstakingly following the directions she so carefully transcribed.  Each attempt resulted in varying degrees of disaster leaving me to question my culinary proficiency.  Following every embarrassing result I would phone her in hopes she could diagnose the issue.  The response I received with…

Hey you, Bartender!

Posted on June 5, 2013

It’s a widely known fact that I’ve been blessed with an abundance of unreserved expressions and social comforts.  I’ve naively believed that everyone contains the same characteristics but in only slightly differing measure.  My measure however; happens to be greater than most.  While this characteristic comes in handy in most social situations, there are a few that require less spontaneous and reserved (dignified) engagements.  Gaining a bartender’s attention is one such occasion. A recent Girl’s Night Out provides a glimpse into today’s illustration of a common social foible and some offense advice.  Having just dined on a delectable meal of Greek food, we ladies adjourned to the bar area of the restaurant for a refreshing libation.  After spending 20 minutes patiently waiting for table…