Anyone in my familial circle can tell you I have a bladder possessing the stamina of an Olympian camel.  As odd as it may be, I am quietly proud of this ability.  I wouldn’t put it on par with my ability to turn my tongue upside down or my capacity to wiggle both ears alternately but one that I proud of none the less.  You may ask how this fascinating bit of ridiculousness could in any way be applicable to a faux pas topic.  Well, let me tell you…

The Northland skies recently delivered us two feet of fresh, powdery snow.   With enthusiasm, my husband and I loaded the snowmobiles to ride remote, wooded trails and cross frozen lakes and rivers.  Along about the fifth hour of our remote excursion and after consuming a 36 ounce liquid mix of coffee, water and grapefruit Pellegrino, I knew I needed to make a pit stop post-haste.  As the fearless trail leader of our little pack, Mr. Martini obliged me by leading me across icy field and stream to the nearest town; 20 miles away as the crow flies.  We are not crows.

I sprinted into the nearest (and only) establishment with an indoor Loo and headed straight to The Head.  In the 10 minutes it took me to redress in full snowmobile regalia, it occurred to me that I had not planned on making a purchase.  This is where faux pas savviness finally presents itself.

» Faux Pas Lesson «

 Should you need to utilize the facilities of a business and your plans did not include true patronage, PLEASE demonstrate true savoir-faire and make a least one, small purchase for the privilege of using their amenities.  They will appreciate it and you will have demonstrated respect and thankfulness.  In addition to these little benefits, I personally enjoyed the house drink specialty;  A Double Moose Ear Cappuccino with an extra shot of Moose Ears.  I had a long ride ahead of me after all.

My Moose

K. Martini