Another recent excursion to the grocery store yielded not only a bargain on my favorite yogurt but a wealth of Faux Pas topics.  Yes, it was a trip to Crazyville.  While an abundance of themes eagerly await my purging, I will relate the following tidbit:

Whose responsibility is it to place the partition bar on the conveyor belt?


Whoever is in the front of the queue nearest the cash register.


To keep each person’s lot separated from the other.

Possible Reason Ramifications:

Cost  (aka:To avoid paying for and coming home with someone else’s delicious blood sausage or extra absorbent tampons.)  This is only an issue if you are a menopausal vegan on a restricted budget.  No matter your lifestyle, no one wants to foot the bill for someone else’s loot.

Be a sport and gate your goods as soon as there is room to do so.  Allow enough room for the person behind you to begin their unload.  It may be difficult for the person behind you to reach for the bar so do the guy a kind gesture – partition your goods.


Find a cooler word for the conveyor belt grocery bar divider.

K. Martini