It is time for a refresher.   If my recent experiences are any indication of the evolution of civility, then I’m forced to start near the beginning with a repeater.  Please read and forward the following message…

Indispensable is a five syllable word that nicely compliments today’s posting; The Five Most Important Words in the civilized world.  Actually, I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world and know these words have power everywhere; even among the non-civilized.  What are they you ask?  Since it’s been awhile since we attended Kindergarten, I will provide a little refresher.

  1. Thank-you
  2. Please
  3. I’m Sorry
  4. Excuse Me
  5. You’re Welcome

Expressing appreciation is the trademark of civility.  We either throw “thank-you” around willy-nilly or neglect to say it at all.  Thank you should be said at the smallest kindness and with true sincerity.

Any request not made with a  “please” attached may be construed as an order.  You get more with honey that with vinegar.

Saying “I’m sorry” is demonstrative proof of maturity. Be mature, please.

“Excuse me” is the most underused courtesy of all.  It means you are aware that you have inconvenienced someone.  Excuse me while I go on a rampage…

To the three women who cut in front of me while I was reaching for the all-natural peanut butter in the grocery store on Saturday, I would of appreciated an “excuse me”.  

“You’re welcome” is an easy acknowledgement of the appreciation expressed to you.

Thank you for reading this.  Please excuse me if I’ve offended you.  I apologize.