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The Art of the Deal: Couponing

Posted on December 31, 2012

The holidays are behind us and our bank accounts have been “slenderized”.  ‘Tis the season for scoring a great deal.  In my house, everyday is the season.  My couponing craze began as a young, married mother of two  Money was tight in the early days while we established new careers and juggled tots.  What was born of necessity became an obsession driven by thrifty competition.  It’s was me against the retail establishment.  Or something like that. While I don’t spend long hours in my pursuit of a great deal as I once did, you will still find a dedicated compartment in my wallet for valuable savings.  I simply love the the thrill of obtaining  rock-bottom prices.  If you’ve read some of my past posts,…

Oh, You Shouldn’t Have! Re-Gifting

Posted on December 15, 2012

 I’m reissuing a post I wrote in May due to the nature of the season.  With all of our lives filled with busyness and last-minute reminders of forgotten gifts, take a moment to pause and read (or re-read) etiquette guidelines for re-gifting.  I don’t know about you but as the days creep closer to Christmas and panic begins to set in, I find I must resist the temptation to wrap Grandma’s crocheted plant holder lovingly given to me in 1979.  Happy Holidays everyone! ♥ Re-Gifting.  This is a relatively new term for off-loading your loot to another person all under the guise of an original gift.  There are many justifiable reasons:  You want to be “green” and recycle, you don’t have time to shop,…

Another Annual Tradition: The Holiday Letter

Posted on December 1, 2012

“Dear [INSERT NAME], It’s hard to believe that another year has passed!  You just can’t imagene the many blesings our family has experienced in 2012.  Bob was promoted in July to the position of CEO.  After the many long and tireless hours he’s committed to the compnay over the past 38 years, we are enjoying a more liveable wage of $650,000 per year.  I just don’t know how we managed to get by on the pittance of just half that all these years.  Now we will be able to afford the procedure to get rid of his little “wart” problem! Buffy just graduated Magna Cum Laude of her class at Yale.  She missed Suma Cum Laude by .2% and attributes the oversight not to…