Our culture embraces intelligence and beauty.  It is a hard fact of the world we live in.  We “fit” into specific social circles or we don’t.  You might say that you don’t care but that would be a lie.  We all want to be admired and respected.  The formula for good social form at any level is an easy one;

love and respect yourself.

Demonstrate it by dressing and speaking as though you do.  People make instant judgements based on these elements.  If you dress like a slob, you will be viewed as such.  If you speak idiotically, you will be viewed as such.  I am not saying you need to become someone you are not. I am saying that you need to be the best you can be to achieve the highest possibility for success.


Clean up your language skills.  PLEASE stop speaking as though you were a 14 year-old at the mall!  You don’t know how?  READ. Read a lot and then read some more.  Don’t re-gift the Word-of-the-Day calendar you received last Christmas – use it!

Observe those that perorate (look it up) with dignity and command the attention of others POSITIVELY. This doesn’t include mimicking the women on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  A solid short term goal is to avoid sounding as though you were a Valley Girl who just left a three-day fraternity kegger.

You are a WINNER not a WIENER.

K. Martini