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Usernames: Not Just Another Moniker

Posted on February 16, 2013

You will never get the chance to regain a first impression.  This is a universal rule and can be applied to every situation worldwide including the virtual variety.  Usernames convey identity.  Your username is your brand, your stamp, your label.  It is a reflection of YOU.  The following list  illustrates just a sampling of the usernames I’ve encountered over the past 60 days. ↓ MissTittsTrick Hardboy69 Jkfg((y*948qup$S#@n09sfnwbp HairyLeftToenailed SoullessBitch Herpes_free_since_03 InJail_Outsoon ↓ As you examine each username above, close your eyes and call upon your own visual slide show to summon the image each one conveys.  I believe I’ve made my point. K. Martini

Game Play: Testing your knowledge of nothing

Posted on September 15, 2012

I like games.  I like all forms of games especially air hockey and Jeopardy.  It is said however; that I suffer from a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome when I play.  This condition has warranted first aid for bloody injury and frowns from fellow players due to random verbal expressions of cursing.  For me, a perfect evening might be comprised of a large, padded room free of inanimate objects, an air hockey table and a big screen TV where I could play both air hockey and Jeopardy simultaneously.  The problem with this scenario is that I would be alone as no one I know shares my enthusiasm.  I am competitive. This week’s Faux Pas lesson will be contained to the play of knowledge games…

For the Love of the Game: Parental Sportsmanship 101

Posted on June 8, 2012

My son was a competitive hockey player from the time he was three until 18 years of age.  These years were dedicated to many long hours in ice arenas, camps, private lessons and tournaments. Many thousands of days were spent in the pursuit of his hockey enjoyment.  This does not take into account the dollars spent and politics we suffered through.  A missing element of instruction was noticed about the time he reached eight years of age.  At that age, the youngsters were able to skate independently rather than in packs.  They had fully grasped the rules of the game and started to realize the thrill of winning and the glory of individual achievement.  As we all know, hockey is a team sport.  As…

Something Smells Fishy

Posted on May 12, 2012

My daughter and son-in law love to fish.  With two of their own tadpoles to tend to, they don’t get to take advantage of their hobby as often as they’d like.  Although I don’t personally share their passion for angling,  I’m often privy to their occasional rant.  The diatribes generally involve dramatic reenactments of those who bend the rules on the water making the merriment of fishing miserable for all the others.  The diatribes should be saved for the retelling of the size of the fish and the extreme and heroic efforts taken as the battle was won. In our neck of the woods, fishing is a year round sport.  This may be obvious except for the fact that from December to March the…


Posted on April 10, 2012

faux pas [foh pah] noun, plural faux pas  [foh pahz; Fr. foh pah] a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion.   There are as many words for a social blunder as social blunders. My personal favorite (aside from Faux Pas) is peccadillo; a very minor or slight sin or offense; a trifling fault.  The word is just flat-out fun to say. Years of silently and sometimes not so silently witnessing social errors lead me to purge through blogging.  I can’t possibly be alone in my frustrations!  Misery loves company… Not only are there a zillion words for etiquette, there are a zillion more possible subjects just waiting for juicy comment. BUT… comments are not enough. As…